Libraries Lead!

Episode 1: Libraries Lead! Our very first episode!

April 26, 2021 Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg Season 1 Episode 1
Libraries Lead!
Episode 1: Libraries Lead! Our very first episode!
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January 20, 2021 
109 minutes
Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg

This is the first episode of our new podcast - Libraries Lead in the New Normal. We aim for a wild conversation between two close friends who share a passion for all things library & information but frequently disagree on specifics. 

This episode which was recorded in January 2021 and simultaneously broadcast at that time as part of the Publishers Weekly Skillset Podcast. We originally intended to talk about the pandemic and the emerging new normal. But, the January 6 insurrection and the Biden inauguration took precedent. Dave was particularly moved and wrote a passionate essay that appeared in Publishers Weekly on how libraries and librarians must do more than be repositories of knowledge or passive providers of information services. We must be players in securing a more perfect union through active engagement in civic and educational discourse and building and providing equitable and accessible information systems and institutions.

This episode also includes 2 special segments: “Wazzup” lately and “Awesome Library Thingy” to highlight some amazing libraries and librarians. These segments will be regular features of all episodes.

References & Resources

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Bowles, Nellie (Jan. 14, 2021, Updated Jan. 17, 2021).  “They Can’t Leave the Bay Area Fast Enough,” New York Times. 

Yoni Yemini from ACE Chicago Events

Journalist Expose Issues, Librarians Fix them
News Deserts
Dave's Hulk Mode and the Jan. 6th inssurection
Dave's Manifesto
Libraries as Information Utilties
Neutrality and Racial Discourse
What are Libraries Roles in the Areas of Ensuring Free and Equitable Access