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Episode 13 (Dec 2021): Politics R Us?

December 16, 2021 Beth Patin, Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg Season 2 Episode 13
Libraries Lead!
Episode 13 (Dec 2021): Politics R Us?
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Episode 13: Politics R Us?
December, 2021
Beth Patin, Dave Lankes, & Mike Eisenberg

Aughhh! The po·lit·i·ci·za·tion of everything! We don’t seem to be able to escape increasing polarization and the division into rival groups identified by politics and worldviews as well as the demonization of the other side.  Is this the new normal? Even for libraries and public service? Is everything to be defined or viewed through a political lens? through a political identity?   What is the politicization of everything - its nature and scope - and what are the implications? 

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What's Up
Main Topic: Politicization of Everything! - What is it?
It's always been political
Is it a Bad Thing That Politics are Everything?
The Macro Historical View
Have Things Become More Inclusive? Bias in Archives. White washing narratives. Local conversations.
Censorship and "Neutrality"
Money, politics, funding
Politics is Everthing, what does that mean for everyday library use?
Libary Joke
Awsome Library Thingy
Huntsville Library
Toronto Public Library
New Jersey Legislator