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October 01, 2021 Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg Season 1 Episode 9
Libraries Lead!
Show Notes

June 2, 2021
Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg

Are we going back to offices and city living or will a new normal emerge? Judging from the articles and posts, it’s not clear at all. That means it’s likely to be a combination of both depending on contexts of nature of activity (e.g., business), geography, and the economics (jobs, commerce, supply chain). With uncertainty prevailing, what should libraries be thinking about and planning for? As an added bonus, our production manager, Yoni Yemini, from ACE Chicago Events joins us to share his thoughts on how things are changing for his business. 

In Wazzup, Dave talks about the challenges to libraries, communities, and library & info science education due to the continually changing Covid situation. Mike points out the information aspects of vaccination verification with examples from the EU and New York State.  Dave’s Awesome Library Thingy was the Next Library Festival that was held on June 3rd, 2021, and Mike highlighted a NY Times article about museums post-covid, particularly the opportunities for new forms of programming and partnering.

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Main Topic: Back to the Future

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 Awesome Library Thingy

‘Next’ Library Festival (June 3, 2021) 

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