Libraries Lead!

Episode 7: “Whatever the Need!” Says Angela Craig

July 20, 2021 Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg Season 1 Episode 7
Libraries Lead!
Episode 7: “Whatever the Need!” Says Angela Craig
Show Notes

May 12, 2021 
Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg 
74 minutes 

Mike and Dave are joined by a very special guest – the talented and enthusiastic Angela Craig, Executive Director, Charleston County Public Library. Charleston County is a cutting-edge regional library system. In addition to offering all that we expect from public libraries, Charleston has been particularly responsive to the challenges of helping people and communities due to emergencies such as Hurricane and of course, the Covid-19 pandemic. Angela explains the nature and scope of needs that emerged and the full-scale reaction by librarians and staff in terms of outreach, services, systems, and partnerships that were quickly deployed. We know that you will be as impressed as we are to learn about specific programs (e.g., vaccine clinics, telehealth connections, mobile hotspots and Wi-Fi, refrigerated community garden produce) and their close coordination with the regional emergency services department.

On the wazzup front, Dave announces that he’s taking a new, highly visible and prestigious job at the University of Texas in order to continue his passion of championing libraries, librarians, and making a difference in society. Mike rants about the deterioration of telephone and web-based customer service across all kinds of situations and domains.

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