Libraries Lead!

Episode 6: The Post-Pandemic Workplace

July 05, 2021 Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg Season 1 Episode 6
Libraries Lead!
Episode 6: The Post-Pandemic Workplace
Show Notes

April 19, 2021
Dave Lankes & Mike Eisenberg
44 minutes

As we start to see some light at the end of the pandemic tunnel, what does it mean for the locus and nature of work? Will everyone simply return to their offices, businesses, and schools as if nothing has changed? Or has the lockdown been a catalyst for reconsidering location, work-home balance, and the trade-offs of physical vs. virtual work. And, what about the accompanying effects on the environment, transportation (commuting and traffic), health (physical and mental), and social interaction. Is hybrid – blended physical and virtual – the new normal?

Also, what would this mean for libraries and librarians? As the information infrastructure and services providers of communities, are there new, more permanent needs and demands to meet for businesses, workers, parents, and students? And, what about the library workforce? Will librarians and support staff also work in hybrid formats?

This main topic discussion is bolstered by two “awesome library thingys” Dave highlights the American Library Association’s 2021 State of America’s Libraries Report which (among many things) describes librarians as second responders, but more importantly as “first restorers.” Mike builds on a previous highlight about open access reflected the new resources use agreement between the University of California system and Elsevier.

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